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How to send Custom SMS using PingSMS Bulk SMS Service?

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The simple tutorial helps users to understand Custom SMS feature provided by PingSMS platform.

The tutorial assumes that you already have an account with PingSMS. If you need to create a new account click here or visit

Image 1: Custom SMS Visual Representation

Steps to send Custom SMS:-

Step 1: Click on Custom SMS option as shown in the image or click here.

Step 2: Select your SMS type either Transactional or Promotional. The difference between Transactional and Promotional SMS can be found here.

Step 3: Your SMS needs a custom Sender ID to promote brand awareness. Get a FREE Sender ID approved for your business by clicking here.

Step 4: Upload the .csv file with Mobile Number Column. For example, see Image 2

Image 2: CSV sample example

Step 5: Select Mobile No. Column from the dropdown. For example, see Image 3

Image 3: Select Mobile No. Column

Step 6: Enter your message with the column selector. In order to select the column from the column selector just double click on the respective column and that column will be selected on your message box. For example, let us consider the sample message as follows:

Dear #A# your #C# marks is #D#

Where #A# is column 1 i.e, Name column. Similarly 
      #C# and #D# represents column 3 (Subject) and 4 (Marks) respectively.

         A user with mobile number (7005629504) will receive a custom sms as     
         "Dear Ram your Maths marks is 69/100"
         Users with mobile numbers 8414567890 and 9876756789 will receive a custom sms as
         "Dear saif your Science marks is 98/100" And
         "Dear Sham your English marks is 91/100" respectively.

Step 7: Either Click send now to send the SMS and a Confirm Box will appear shown in Image 4 or click schedule to schedule it for a later date and time shown in Image 5.

Image 4: After clicking a send now confirm box will appear. 
Click Send to send the SMS
Image 5: After clicking schedule a schedule box will appear.

For any further support or query please don’t hesitate to contact us in the below-mentioned details.

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