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How to check transaction history in PingSMS?

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The simple tutorial helps users to understand the Transaction history feature provided by PingSMS platform. The transaction history basically provides your SMS CREDIT and DEBIT details.

The tutorial assumes that you already have an account with PingSMS. If you need to create a new account click here or visit

Image 1: Transactional History Visual Representation

Steps to Check Transaction History:-

Step 1: Click on the Transaction History option as shown in the image or click here.

Step 2: Select your SMS type either Transactional or Promotional from the Product dropdown.

Step 3: Select your Transaction type from Txn Type dropdown.

Step 4: Select Start Date from the Start Date dropdown.

Step 5: Select End Date from the End Date dropdown.

Step 6: Click on get report to see the report as shown below:-

Image 2: Debit Credit Table

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