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How to add a new Sender ID in PingSMS

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This simple tutorial helps users to add a new Sender ID in PingSMS platform which is used for checking the delivery of messages. To understand your Sender ID prefix click here.

The tutorial assumes that you already have an account with PingSMS. If you need to create a new account click here or visit

Image 1: Sender Id List

Steps to add a new Sender Id :-

Step 1: Go to Sender Id option by clicking on the left side of panel or click here. A panel will appear as shown in Image 1

Step 2: Click on senderid add buttonbutton. A popup box will appear as shown in Image 2

Image 2: Add Sender Id box

Step 3: Write your required 6 Digit Sender ID and click on add button button to add the new Sender ID or presscancel button button to cancel the request.

Step 4: Now simply relax and wait for few seconds for your new Sender ID to be approved. Approval Status can be checked in the panel table under status column.

For any further support or query please don’t hesitate to contact us in the below-mentioned details.

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