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Effective Bulk SMS strategies that will get you Premium Customers

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Let’s face it. Running a successful business is not easy. Businesses face constant competition and raising the cost is never an option. The moment your cost goes up your customers leave you and go to some other shop/ service provider etc. Again, without enough marketing; customers won’t trust your product. Often people purchase things because they might have heard about it in some Advertisement. But, marketing could be a costly affair. Newspaper and TV Ads can cost you up to lakhs of Rupees. Unfortunately, this cost needs to be adjusted somewhere and ultimately the price of your product increases. And we all know what happens next; your customer changes his/her supplier.

Thankfully, there is no need to lose hope. Where there is a will; there is a way.

With, you can enjoy the benefits of both the worlds. Awesome Marketing, Awesome Customers. The secret?? Cheap reliable Bulk SMS marketing delivered directly at your customers mobile. By sending SMS at a price as low as 12 Paisa per SMS or even lower. You can easily send your marketing messages to millions of customers by spending just a bare minimum.

But, Just like any other marketing medium; Bulk SMS marketing also needs a proper strategy

1. Plan a Budget – Don’t go overboard with marketing always plan a feasible budget and only spend money from your marketing budget. A good budget keeps all your costs in check.

2. Messages need to be to the point – Don’t beat around the bush to come to the point . You have an awesome product and amazing offers. Your customers needs to know about it and not about unnecessary details. 1 SMS cost is usually calculated at 160 Character. If you cross the limit you have to pay more in terms of SMS cost.

3. Avoid Irrelevant Messages – A person in Mumbai doesn’t need to know about an amazing offer in Delhi. Send relevant messages to customers group-wise separating them across categories and zones. Click Here! To learn how to send bulk sms group-wise, using csv and txt files.

4. Be Personal – Send a message as Dear Sophia, Dear Ajay. By sending personal messages, clients are more likely to purchase from your business. Click Here! To learn how to send personalized messages.

5. Timely Messages – Don’t send messages at random hours. Be disciplined. Send messages when the customer is more likely to open them. For example send your marketing messages during non-office hours, mornings, evenings, weekends etc.

6. Don’t SPAM – Build a reliable and effective bulk SMS database of your customers. Be respectful if the customer doesn’t want to receive SMS from you. Give them an opt-out option. And, most important is that never SPAM your customer

At, we make sure our clients get all the support they need. For any support or query feel free to reach us in below mentioned details.

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