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Bulk SMS benefits for Industries

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Use of Bulk SMS has really picked up the pace in the last couple of years and has also proved beneficial in whichever sector it has been used. It is also one of the cheapest methods for promoting a product or service, therefore it makes it a vital part for every industry to have it for the industry’s growth.

Bulk SMS is not confined to some sectors such as showrooms or telecom companies but can be used in one way or the other for almost every sector. Industries fall under a sector where promotion and advertising can really make a difference in making the future of an industry.

There are many different industries that can make use of this method for advertising, such as :

  • Event Management – These companies mainly rely on advertising and marketing as their sector mainly focuses on promoting or spreading awareness about an event etc. With advertising becoming more and more important event management companies can make use of Bulk SMS to advertise for their upcoming events, functions, concerts. It can also be used to exchange important dates and information between the team in order for the successful organization of any programme. Moreover, Bulk SMS being the cheapest mode of advertising makes advertising much cheaper and at the same time simpler and easy.
  • Tours and Travels – Many of these companies or outlets rely on counter bookings of tickets and information is available only from the physical counter itself. With everything going online from offline, these companies too can get their business online (How to get your business online, visit and notify their clients all the information relating to their bookings in a personalized SMS (to know more visit The public can be notified about different festive offers and special discounts on tickets on various festivals and vacation season.
  • Real Estate – Being one of the biggest industry and also one of the booming ones, it really becomes important for the common man that not a single piece of information be slipped from their hands. With its value reaching $120 billion (Approx. INR 8.4 Lac Crore) as on 2017, it really becomes a huge responsibility on the industry part as well to let the public be notified of various free spaces or infrastructures available. Bulk SMS becomes a handy tool in spreading out the information in such an industry. The interested public can also be notified using Bulk SMS about the various fluctuations in the prices as well so that not a single opportunity is missed.
  • Retailing – This is one of the most vast and widespread industry, that holds the range from thousands to Crores of income. Retailers can register their customers and send them SMS notifications for various sales and offers on products. Moreover, registered customers can get specialized offers and benefits on products and be notified personally with specially customized SMS notifications for each customer.
  • Automobiles – Currently this sector has a wide range of vehicles available for every budget, the common man or the big businessmen can be notified with SMS notifications about various offers and festive discounts on various models. Also, people can be notified with all the information about any new launch or upcoming vehicle. Vehicle owners can be reminded of servicing dates and vehicle inspections also about many other paper works as well such as insurance expiry, updation of details, etc.
  • Airlines – There are approximately 20-25 airlines in India that run on a 24 x 7 basis and handling up to 117 million or approximately 11.7 crore people annually. With so much traffic and people making use of airlines, this, in turn, generates a huge amount of information and requires an automated system to send this information to the passengers. Bulk SMS notifications can be used to send SMS notifications just on time to the passengers for their easy preparation of passengers. SMS can be scheduled to be sent automatically as and when required. The public can be notified about offers and any drops in ticket prices, also people who have booked tickets can get all the information about their trip in an SMS. All the boarding information and any alert relating to the flight such as the timing or delay of flight can be notified to the passengers in their cell phones with a simple SMS.
  • Insurance – The above-mentioned industries are in one way or the other connected to this industry as well. There are different types of insurances, right from vehicle insurance to medical insurance to even life insurance. Insurance companies can notify their clients about their policy information, premium due dates, matured policies or even about any new policies developed, using Bulk SMS notification.
  • Entertainment – This industry has been one of the most highlighted industry and which also packs a lot of fame with it, well apart from this, it also requires a huge amount of advertisement and promotion. Whenever there is a new release or launch of a movie or album this industry spends a huge amount of money on advertising, Bulk SMS can be one method that can be used for advertising and can be recognized as the simplest form of advertising. The common public can be notified of any new launch details, such as launch date, cast, premiering in which movie theatre, and so on.

These are just some of the few sectors or industries where Bulk SMS can really make a difference in booming the industry’s growth that too in the cheapest and most effective way possible.

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