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Bulk SMS benefits for Educational institutions

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The number of Educational institutions is growing at a tremendous rate and with it also comes the responsibility of the institutes to maintain the standard and quality of education. In this 21st century technology also plays an important role in boosting the growth of institutes and also enhancing the quality of education.

Bulk SMS is one of the technical services that has been around for almost a decade and had a major positive impact on whichever sector it has been used.

What is Bulk SMS actually? Well, it is broadcasting a message to a huge number of end users/clients/customers in one shot, just by a click of a button. Try out PingSMS to experience marketing at the lowest cost.

Bulk SMS makes use of one of the most commonly used features of every cell phone, text message or simply known as SMS. Approximately 82% of cell phone users read an SMS from every unknown source. Comparing the above stats to traditional marketing clearly shows the vast difference of impact Bulk SMS makes in growing and expanding and institute and also in spreading information to a much greater audience.

Educational Institutes have a huge user base which are the students to whom information needs to be conveyed. Usually, institutes put up a notice on the notice board for displaying information however, not all students come up to the notice board every day for getting any new updates and this may lead to a communication gap or miscommunication between the students and the institute.

Bulk SMS can help institutes in many ways :

  • Sending notices for events or programs – Get every student and parent informed regarding any event or function, even just a day before the event as nobody skips reading an SMS
  • Sending assignment submission dates – Teachers can inform students or even the parents regarding submission dates of assignments or projects, this also helps parents in keeping track of their child’s academics
  • Sending reminders for fees – Parents can be informed just in time regarding the fees due or any other expenditure relating to their child’s academics
  • Sending Exam Results – Parents can get up to date records and exam results of their child
  • Attendance Update – Parents can be updated with their child’s attendance

This was a brief overview of some of the huge number of benefits that can be availed by the students, parents, and institute.

Every institute takes-up new admissions every year, and with it comes to a lot of advertising and marketing which takes up a huge amount of cost. Traditional marketing and advertising techniques can only reach a maximum of 30-40% of the actual target, however, SMS marketing and promotion can reach 99% of the actual target and that to avoiding unwanted audience.

Advantages of Bulk SMS over old school notification techniques :

  • Every parent or student can be notified at the same time and no one would be left uninformed
  • SMS can be sent anytime and parents or students can view the information at anytime
  • One of the cheapest mode of broadcasting information
  • It also allows for custom and personalized SMS for each and every student, know more at PingSMS

As per the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) data 2011- 2012, there were 1.3 million schools in India, so it can be said that the number of schools presently may have reached to around 1.5 million. Moreover, according to the report in July 2017, the All India Survey on Higher Education, there are 799 Universities, 39,701 colleges, and 11,923 standalone institutions in India. There are 459 General, 101 Technical, 64 Agriculture & Allied, 50 Medical, 20 Law, 11 Sanskrit, and 7 Language Universities.

From the graph, it can also be seen that the number of colleges alone in 2018 is around 42,338. With so much growth in the number of institutes in the Education sector, there also comes a huge competition for standing upfront in the market and to convey each institutes’ message to every individual in the society that to following traditional techniques is clearly not the right choice. Hence, Bulk SMS brings a huge advantage to institutes in conveying their message to not only to individuals of the current location but also throughout the whole country.

Now, being able for an institute to convey its message to not only a single geographical location but to a wider audience, also will give a great platform to students from different locations to interact and change ideas among them and thereby improving the quality of the overall institute and also the students passing out.

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